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Lynda Miller

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Lynda Miller, The Staging Realtor Difference

Realtors and Homeowners may choose to hire a company to stage a home. However, as your realtor, my staging services are available at a moments notice, and I will optimize the way your home will be marketed.

As a Realtor, I understand what buyers are looking for in a home. I have been actively selling & staging homes in Florida for over 18 years with tremendous success.

Working with my sellers to make their property stand out from the competition, I will successfully create an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility. From my own inventory, I provide everything from furniture and flowers, to art for the walls, achieving the best effect to awe potential buyers!

I am dedicated to making the home staging process as easy and enjoyable as possible for my clients.

Working with You

Once a Seller decides to place their home on the market, the Realtor has the important task of presenting that seller’s property to potential buyers, and may suggest working with a Stager to maximize the value of their home.

As your agent, my staging services can be part of your marketing package.

I have the inventory, as well as the design expertise, to properly stage a vacant house, or “polish” an occupied home, enhancing the look and complementing the selling features!

Why Staging?

The most important thing when selling a home is that it shows well. People buy homes based on emotion. As a seller, you want to ensure your home will touch those emotions the moment a prospective buyer walks through the door.

Not only do staged homes sell quickly, for multiple offers to come in over the asking price is not unusual! After I stage a home, 95% sell in the first month of being on the market.

For piece of mind and the satisfaction of knowing you have done absolutely everything to affect a quick sale of your most valuable commodity, and for top dollar. Call me for an appointment today!

Lynda Miller

Not only do staged homes sell quickly, its not unusual for multiple offers to come in over the asking price!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are selling a home, you may not realize how truly important staging it properly comes into play. We take great care when staging your home and we move fast so you can get back to your daily home activities.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that always come up.

What is the cost of staging?

The cost of Staging depends on the size of the home and the services being provided by myself as the Realtor. Typically if I am doing just a Staging job, it can range from $300-$500 per room per month depending on the size of room and amount of furniture to fill up space along with additional miscellaneous items such as mirrors, art work and vignette items.

Will I be able to live with the new changes?

Absolutely! We try and make simple changes that the client can comfortably live with along with being user friendly. Our bedding is also placed over the clients bedding and dry-cleaned after each staging if completed.

What can we do before staging?

Before Staging Day, I will sit with my client and discuss changes to be made and then we will walk entire area of home and all rooms to decide what stay and what goes into storage. De-cluttering and de-personalizing is a must prior to staging. Extra and all clutter must be boxed away or hidden from site. After this is completed by the client, the process for us as ASP Stagers goes a lot more smoothly.

Where do our items go while waiting for the home to sell?

The garage is the first place I tell my clients to store their items. Usually we can get away with stacking boxes and/or furniture on top of one another on one side of the garage. Closets are also useful and not as important when the home is being shown as the main areas are. A storage unit can also be purchased for a few months while the home selling process takes place and usually is a small monthly fee.

How many people are involved in the Staging Process?

On the Day of Staging, we have a moving truck with normally 2 movers and 2 Stagers including myself. We are generally very fast moving and like to get the job wrapped up in 1 day if possible. We do ask the homeowner to enjoy a day off to themselves, whether it be a day of beauty or errands, but not to shadow us while we work.


“Lynda treated me with extreme respect and listened to my concerns and plans and anxieties. Lynda went out of her way to help physically and make things work to be ready with her professional top notch staging! My home sold very quickly and I will definitely use Lynda again!”

Juanita M.

“There aren’t the right words to use to describe how grateful I am to Lynda. Without her talent for making a home look beautiful with her staging services and hard work, this would have been a completely different experience. Your positive attitude made a huge difference, especially during this really stressful time. Thank you for all you’ve done!”

Vicky P.

“My thanks to Lynda for her efforts in “staging” my sister’s home prior to placing it on the market. Although basic maintenance had occured, the interior had been neglected due to my sister’s age and illness. Your keen eye and good ideas presented a clean, fresh, updated home to potential buyers. In fact, as we observed the final result of your terrific effort, we were almost tempted to keep it as our second home! Throughout our association, you showed a warm, caring concern and a willingness to work very hard to obtain the best result for us.”

Ben E.

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