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About Lynda Miller

Lynda Miller is a licensed real estate professional who has been selling and staging homes in the Central Florida area since 1997. She knows the Orlando area, she knows what buyers want to see, and she knows how to get your home ready to sell.

What started as sprucing up a bathroom with decorative towels, plants and a few accessories has grown into a full-service staging company utilizing creativity, staging best practices and a personal touch to give each home a unique and powerful “model home” appearance. By touching the senses of potential buyers and helping them become emotionally engaged when viewing your home, our home staging services will give your home a distinct advantage over the other homes competing for the same potential buyers. Lynda’s 18 years of experience as a Realtor in the Central Florida area sets her apart from other real estate staging specialists. Her passion and eye for design combined with a deep understanding of the market will help buyers fall in love with your home and get its listing changed to “Sold!”

As seen in Orlando Magazine

Lynda Miller was recently featured in Orlando Magazine’s Hot 100 Real Estate All Stars of 2017.  With over 165,000 realtors in the state this award speaks volumes about Lynda’s experience in the industry.


Let's get your home ready to sell!

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