The goal of staging a house is to create an emotional connection between the home and the potential buyer, allowing them to visualize themselves and how their lives would look living in your house. No matter what the staging process is for your home – adding, removing or reorganizing the furniture – staging can be a huge factor in the process of selling your home. The art of staging helps to not only raise the value of your home, but according to a study by the?NAR (National Association of Realtors), it can also greatly reduce the time that your home is on the market by one-third to one-half (33 ? 50%)!

Whether your home is vacant or you’re currently living in the property, there are many different ways to approach how a home can be staged. If empty, rental furniture can be brought in and strategically placed to give your home a personal touch. If you still live in the home, your furniture can be used, refurbished or accented by rental pieces to make it more appealing to the potential buyers. One of the first things recommended in the staging process is cleaning and de-cluttering the property so that potential buyers see the space in its best light, lived in and homey. BUT not too cluttered. Staging a home is truly an art and the professional home stager you choose should know how each design decision will impact your bottom line, the selling experience and the length of time your home is actually on the market. So how does it all really work? When you hire Lynda Miller to stage your home, here’s what you can expect.

What to Expect When Hiring a Home Stager

The first thing that will take place is an initial consultation. We will walk through your home to determine what its strengths and weaknesses are and look for areas for improvement that can potentially increase the value of your home. We will be looking for ways to improve the space by suggesting repairs, decluttering, organizing, furniture and accessory placement, plus much, much more. Measurements and pictures will also be taken for use while putting together the proposal for services. The consultation is also the time we can answer any questions that you may have, as well as explain more about how we approach staging and how we will work together with you.

After the consultation, we will put together a staging plan, complete with a timeline and costs, and will present it to you for discussion and approval. Depending on the size of your property and amount of staging required, the home staging process can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.?You will be able to see all of our recommendations and then decide from there how you want to proceed – we can do all the work, some of the work, or attack it together! We have the ability to provide everything needed, from rental furniture to accent decor and flowers, from our own personal inventory to make sure your home has the most beautiful designs that will awe potential buyers. Whether you need a simple declutter or a full home makeover, attention to detail is always our first priority.

Once any work is approved, you can sit back and relax as our team of experts come in and make the temporary transformations to your home. With Lynda Miller you’re getting a professional and experienced home staging service that can be worth thousands of dollars to the home seller. You may also choose from our wide range of additional marketing services that will further help you make a solid first impression on potential buyers, which can result in a faster sale and an increased resale price of your home.

Who Is the Best Home Staging Realtor in Central Florida?

Lynda Miller! Known as the ?Staging Artist?, she brings her artistic skills and her vast experience to take your blank canvas and turn in into the portrait it needs to be. She is a professional! With over 20 years of home staging experience in the Orlando real estate market, Lynda knows that a properly staged home has just the right quality of furnishings and spacing, allowing potential buyers to visualize how the rooms function and how the spacing in your home flows best. Being a Staging Artist allows Lynda to help create an atmosphere of warmth and generate positive emotions in a potential buyer. She avoids any clutter, and shows the buyer your home?s strengths while minimizing it?s deficiencies. By staging your home, Lynda engages prospective buyers, thus increasing both their interest and perception of value.

Who Should I Choose To Stage and Sell MY Home?

Why not choose the very best? If you like the sound of selling your house faster and for more money, then you need talk to Lynda Miller first. You?ll quickly find out why Lynda was selected as one of Orlando?s Top 100 Realtors by Orlando Magazine for 2017 and named Woman of the Year in Orlando Style Magazine for 2017. With over 20 years of experience in the Orlando real estate market, Lynda?s clients all say it best: Lynda sold their homes faster and for more money than they had anticipated. If you?ve decided to place your Central Florida home or your house on the market, we urge you to call Lynda Miller today at (407) 620-2924 or contact her Online now. There is a difference in Central Florida?s realtors and Lynda truly is a Real Estate All-Star Agent!

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