Many times prospective home sellers in the Orlando and Central Florida real estate market that are looking into listing their house ask the following question: Do I have to stage every room in my house? The answer is no. Although staging each and every room in a house is the optimal thing to do, it is not a requirement. Staging every room in a house is preferred because you never know exactly what room the potential buyer may “resonate” with. It could be your master bedroom, kitchen or even a den as a potential “man cave” when showing your home to a prospect. A wife typically focuses on the living room and kitchen, however this stereotyping is considered “old school” in today’s society. So many men cook nowadays and will take a good look at your kitchen with a critical eye regarding spacing and functionality when walking through and evaluating a home to purchase! Even the closets and bathrooms can potentially be a determining decision making factor to the buyer. After all, if your closet is stuffed and looks cramped, the natural thought is that it is too small for the buyer’s needs and lifestyle. Every room can make the difference between selling your home and getting the best price possible when an offer is made.

What Rooms are the Priority to Stage in Selling My House?

Although, as stated above, the entire house being staged is the optimal thing to do as part of the?staging process,?sometimes it simply is not doable. Time constraints and budget are a reality that everyone deals with, so let’s take a look at the room priorities when it comes to home staging. A?study?released by the NAR?noted several interesting results in regards to home staging. Basically, the study concluded that staging a home for sale resulted in the seller getting more for their house (an estimated increase of almost 10%), plus selling it more quickly (roughly 18 – 25 days on average).

The study also revealed the following rooms to stage in a prioritized order:
– The?living room was the number one room to stage.
– The?living room was followed by the kitchen.
– Next on the room staging priority list is the master bedroom.
– Then the dining room.
– Lastly, the bathrooms.
This is one of the reasons why staging is a process and requires a qualified, experienced and reputable staging realtor to assist you.

Who Should I Choose To Stage and Sell MY Home?

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