Home staging is more than most people selling their houses think. I’ve written many blogs on the home staging basics: decluttering, fixing what’s broken, removing personal items and how to stage specific rooms. Yet after all those items are completed, there’s still more that can be done to make sure potential buyers fall in love with your house and see it as their future home. Here are several subtle, yet effective ways to step up your game and grab buyers attention.

Wash Your Windows

Simple right? A tedious task on everyone’s “to do list” as a homeowner, but something that regularly gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Typically we’re so focused on the interior of the home that the dirty, smudged windows are easily overlooked. But we all know that feeling of satisfaction that we get with clean windows when we look outside and its ‘almost like there’s no windows at all separating the inside from the outside. Clean windows will let in more light and make your rooms sparkle, even on dull and dreary days! Buyers may not consciously notice that its done, but they’ll definitely notice if it isn?t done!

Make a Grand Entrance

You’ve heard of curb appeal, but what about “walking up to the door appeal”? As it’s frequently said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and your front entrance/door can speak volumes when leaving that important first impression. Get a new “welcome” doormat and wash your door. Is your door paint faded and chipped? Repaint it with a warm, eye catching color, plus invest in new house numbers and a new porch light.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Have you ever walked into a room that was WAY too bright or had florescent bulbs? Not exactly somewhere you’d want to kick up your feet and get cozy. Lighting is a great way to showcase your house, as well as make the potential home buyers feel warm and welcomed. Swap out any bright white light bulbs for a soft wattage that emits yellow or red-toned hues. This will make your room feel warm and cozy and hide any of those tiny imperfections.

Bake a Batch of Cookies

Scents are powerful and the tried and true freshly baked batch of cookies makes your house feel homey. Not a baker? Scented candles work just as well. Steer clear away from using powerful overwhelming scents – you may personally like the stronger scents, but they can be a turn off to many people. Use soothing, spa-like scents such as vanilla or lavender in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Citrus is also a great scent that is clean and invigorating. Just be sure not to over do it – a little goes a long way.

Clean Your Garage

Buyers want to see a clean and organized garage with adequate storage, even if they don’t have that themselves at home. Create a workshop area in a corner of the garage and install overhead shelves that allow bike storage, as well as a space above for other items. If the floor of the garage is in need of some TLC, wash the floor and apply a fresh coat of grey concrete and/or garage floor paint.

It seems like the list of things to do when getting ready to sell your house is never ending, but just do the best you can and try to cover the things that you would like to see if you were looking at potential homes for your own family. As I’ve mentioned before, a study released by the?NAR showed that the increase in the sale value was typically between 6 to 10 percent higher for staged homes than for non-staged homes in comparative price ranges and neighborhoods.

Who Should I Choose To Stage and Sell MY Home?

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