As with all scenarios in the hiring of the right person or company to do a job, you need to make sure you’re investing in the right person when you choose to hire a professional home stager to stage your home. Your house is most likely your largest asset and putting trust in an experienced professional to stage your Central Florida home should not be taken lightly. As we’ve stated before, professional home staging makes your house stand out from the other similar houses on the market, plus has been proven to sell a house faster and for more money. Don’t forget, an?NAR (National Association of Realtors) study showed that staging a home for sale reduces the time the home is on the market by one-third to one-half (33 ? 50%)! That being said, here are the biggest mistakes homeowners make when looking for a professional home stager and how to avoid them.

Top 5 Mistakes

Mistake #1: Focusing on Price

If you’re focused on what the home stager is charging, you may end up paying less for bad advice that can ultimately cost you thousands of dollars, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. That is not to say that you should already have some sort of budget in mind, but if you hire the right person that can effectively stage your home, you could potentially make a much larger profit from the sale of your house. Instead of concentrating on the overall price, think of the home stager as an investment in the sale of your home. To get the best results possible, invest in the highest quality stager you can find. The rates charged for home staging will vary depending upon experience and geographic location, but just be sure not to hire someone because of their low rate. Don’t forget – you get what you pay for and mistakes like this need to be avoided.

Mistake #2: Looking for Credentials

In a lot of fields, credentials at the end of someones name show they are well educated and experienced. If you’re looking for credentials when hiring a home stager you’re not going to find any as they don’t exist in the field. The staging industry is not overseen by an official organization or governing body, therefore there are no certifications or accreditation as it is an unlicensed field. If you do see any letters after a home stager’s name,? that only means that the training company they went to use these “credentials” as part of their marketing strategy. It is also important to note that any stager you hire is an independent contractor; they not guaranteed or backed by any third party. It is up to you to decide if the person you decide to hire is the right person for your particular project.

Mistake #3: Hiring Before Looking at a Website or Portfolio

The stager you hire should have a portfolio showing before and afters of the houses they’ve staged in the past. This can be either a physical portfolio or a website that shows their work. If they don’t have either, there’s no way you know what to expect from them! Make sure to ask questions about the photos to verify that images are shots of their own work – some training companies provide home stagers ready-made portfolios as part of their training program. If the stager you are interviewing cannot answer questions about details of the property in the photos or you see the same images on other stager’s websites, it should raise a red flag. If you can’t see proof of past work, you’ll have no real idea of what you’re getting into.

Mistake #4: Not Asking for References or Past Accomplishments

Just as you would if looking for a new mechanic or a doctor, ask your friends, family and neighbors that have used home stagers. Also, visit their website or their Google Local listing and read through testimonials and reviews. See nothing but 5 stars and raving reviews? This could be a good thing but could potentially be a red flag – all humans have bad days sometimes. Another thing to make note of is now any negative comments or reviews were handled – this speaks volumes on the stagers professionalism. If there are no testimonials or reviews (everyone has to start somewhere), ask the stager to provide references so you can hear first hand about others’ experience working with them. If the stager is new and hasn’t staged a home for a client yet, they should be able to tell you about how much personal experience they have and provide real estate agents they’ve worked with as references.

Mistake #5: Not Hiring a Stager with Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

To me, this is the one of the mistakes you definitely need to avoid. You need more than someone who knows how to decorate a home – you need someone who knows the local staging market. They should know what home buyers in your area are looking for and what they want to see. A home stager is a part of the real estate industry just as a real estate agent and should know the market their in. If you find that the person you are interviewing doesn’t know what home sell for in your area and how long they typically sit on the market, you should consider looking for another stager in your area.

All of the mistakes listed above are easily avoidable. Make sure you do your research and ask the right questions to ensure you’re hiring the best person to stage your Central Florida home.

Who Is the Best Home Staging Realtor in Central Florida?

Lynda Miller! Known as the ?Staging Artist?, she brings her artistic skills and her vast experience to take your blank canvas and turn in into the portrait it needs to be. She is a professional! With over 20 years of home staging experience in the Orlando real estate market, Lynda knows that a properly staged home has just the right quality of furnishings and spacing, allowing potential buyers to visualize how the rooms function and how the spacing in your home flows best. Being a Staging Artist allows Lynda to help create an atmosphere of warmth and generate positive emotions in a potential buyer. She avoids any clutter, and shows the buyer your home?s strengths while minimizing it?s deficiencies. By staging your home, Lynda engages prospective buyers, thus increasing both their interest and perception of value.

Who Should I Choose To Stage and Sell MY Home?

Why not choose the very best and avoid these common mistakes? If you like the sound of selling your house faster and for more money, then you need talk to Lynda Miller first. You?ll quickly find out why Lynda was selected as one of Orlando?s Top 100 Realtors by Orlando Magazine for 2017 and named Woman of the Year in Orlando Style Magazine for 2017. With over 20 years of experience in the Orlando real estate market, Lynda?s clients all say it best: Lynda sold their homes faster and for more money than they had anticipated. If you?ve decided to place your Central Florida home or your house on the market, we urge you to call Lynda Miller today at (407) 620-2924 or contact her Online now. There is a difference in Central Florida?s realtors and Lynda truly is a Real Estate All-Star Agent!

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