Accessories for staging your house for sale are sometimes a necessity. Staging your home in preparation of placing it on the real estate market requires numerous steps before your house is even listed for sale and ready to be viewed by potential buyers. You’ve chosen your realtor and listing agent, decided upon an asking price, plus planned on the date your house will be listed and on the market. You’ve prepped your house as though you are having guests over for the very first time to see your home: carpets cleaned, windows washed, fan blades dusted…the whole house “spring-cleaned”. All that’s left are a few signature touches. But what accessories are the best to invest in when you’re trying to take your house to that next level to truly “wow” your buyers?

Top 7 Accessories for Home Staging

1. Pillows ? this is a really easy way to instantly add color to an otherwise drab room and create a focal point. There are so many different accent pillows to choose from that the possibilities are endless. Add texture or even conversation pieces that will draw the potential buyer’s eyes to the main features of the room.

2. Rugs ? an easy way to instantly transform a room by adding warmth and style. They can also provide sound cushioning to an otherwise loud and echoing room, plus can add warmth to an otherwise cold or bare room. This is also another way to add color to a fading suite, as well as adding some texture and interest at the same time.

3. Flowers and Fruit ? try to find large glass bowls or large clear vases and fill them with fruit to add color in your kitchen or dining areas. You could even add all the same colored fruit to get a more contemporary feel. Go to the market and get a fresh bouquet of flowers add place them on the dining room table. Make sure that the flowers go with the style of your house, but beware those flowers that emit any strong or unusual smells and odors. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to smells, so you definitely don’t want to turn off a potential buyer because you picked the wrong smelling flowers! Choose wisely to maximize the effectiveness.

4. Toiletries ? accent your bathroom with small designer-like hand soaps and lotions. Put a real loofah scrub in your shower. Make sure that these items remain unopened and unused and are kept for showings only. You can also do the same at your kitchen sink. Stick with the same brand to tie things nicely together.

5. New Bedding ? this is particularly important for the master bedroom. As previously discussed in room priorities for staging your home for sale, the master bedroom is one of the rooms that matters the most to your potential buyers. Choose a neutral color with a subtle style that isn’t too floral or heavily themed, plus add those accent pillows mentioned above and a good quality throw. For the other bedrooms, stick with plain solid bedding with some accent pillows and throws.

6. Towels ? nothing looks nicer in a bathroom than a brand new towel – they never look quite the same after they’ve been used. So treat your home to some new towels – but remember you’re treating your HOUSE and not yourself – make sure no one uses them so they have the same effect each time your house is shown and put them away in between showings. You and your family can enjoy the new towels AFTER the house sells.

7. Atmosphere ? nothing keeps a buyer in your house longer then when the mood is set and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Choose soothing soft music and light a few candles – but nothing too scented! Again, the goal is not to offend anyone coming to see your house with the scents that you choose. Stick with clean smells like citrus and stay away from anything floral. Consider baking a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies! Keep the lighting bright enough to not make the house seem dark, but don’t turn every light on in the house. Try to get as much natural lighting into your home by opening the curtains and blinds to provide the finishing touch.

Who Should I Choose To Stage and Sell MY Home?

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