Many have asked “what about the children’s bedrooms, do you have any tips to help stage a child’s bedroom?”. Although not on the room staging priority list, in many instances your child’s room can be a critical one based on the potential buyer’s family and future plans. For those that do not currently have children, perhaps they are of a younger demographic that intends to someday have kids. For those that do currently have children, properly staging your youngster’s rooms can make the difference between them buying your home or moving on to visit the next one on their list. Remember that one of the main purposes in staging your home for sale is to allow the potential buyer to be able to visualize your house?as a home that they would want to actually live in. According to the comprehensive study that was done by the the NAR (The National Association of Realtors), over eighty percent of all realtors agree that buyers must be able to envision your house as a home for themselves.

Tips For Staging A Child’s Room

The following tips regarding the proper staging of your kid?s rooms come from year’s of my experience in making a potential buyer see themselves actually living in your home. One must always keep in mind that the home staging is directed to all groups of customers: those that have children, those that intend on having kids and those that don’t intend to (and view the current children’s rooms as perhaps potential guest rooms).

  1. Declutter – This is one of the most important things when staging a child’s room and why it is #1 on the list. Remove excess toys, clothing, furniture (small chairs, tables, etc.) to make the room appear spacious and open. Keep important bedroom pieces such as a bed, dresser and a small, cozy play area so the room is inviting and spacious for those that have children and those that do not. Potential buyers needs to be able to visualize their furniture and belongings in the room. This also includes the closet. Go through and remove any unneeded clothing, only keeping what your child will need for the next 2-3 months. Buyers WILL open the closet door! A full, cluttered closet will give the impression there is an issue with storage space.
  2. Avoid Themes & Gender Specific Rooms – Remove the mermaids, flowers, sports teams, pirates and rainbows. Make the room look as much like a bedroom they’d be comfortable staying in regardless of age. This eliminates alienating those buyers that do not have or do not intend to have children and may be planning to use the room as a guest room. This doubles for any murals on the wall or wallpaper boarders along the ceiling and gender specific paint colors. Go with a neutral color that goes with the rest of your house and doesn’t make the future owner feel that they can’t move in without repainting first.
  3. Depersonalize – Remove pictures of your children and anything that has their name on it including the walls. Opening your house to strangers bears the potential for them knowing too much about your family and your kids. Your family will be safer if the open house guests don’t see your children’s faces. Instead replace with some nicely framed, generic art.

In conclusion, although staging your kids room is not in the top 5 on the “room staging priority list” when selling your house, it is an important one to consider when thinking of all the potential buyers and how they will visualize themselves making your house their future home.

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