When you think about staging your home, what are the first things that come to mind? Many times we focus all of our energy on the interior of the house or the outside curb appeal, but the garage is overlooked or forgotten. And guess what? The garage is an important part of your house too! Unfortunately, the garage often times becomes a cluttered catch-all for everything we’re not using. But remember – this is Florida where there are NO basements! This makes any storage space even more important for potential buyers to see. They also need to see that your two car garage actually can hold two cars. If you have everything shoved into your garage, it leaves the impression that you are limited in storage space which can be a huge turn off. The garage can also be an important selling point for many potential buyers, especially the man of the house looking for a workshop or a man cave. At the end of the day, it’s an important space that should be spiffed up as part of staging your home. Wondering how you go about staging your garage? Read on…

How to Stage a Garage

1. Garage Doors. While looking at your curb appeal, your main focus is probably on the front of the house’s door, lawn landscaping and decor. Yet you also need to take a good look at your garage door! If the doors are fine mechanically but could use a new paint job, take the time to do it. Your garage door should match the exterior of your home, so make sure to paint it accordingly. If your garage door is in need of any repairs, make sure you complete them before your house goes on the market. Lastly, and obviously, the same goes for doors that need replacing – don’t show your home with a broken garage door!

2. The Garage Washer and Dryer. Its not abnormal to see washers and dryers in the garage here in Central Florida. Although it may have worked for your family, it can be a big source of clutter. If this is the only place for the washer and dryer, make sure the spot they’re in is made into a laundry area. Surround the washer and dryer with shelves and cabinets and consider adding a drying rack next to them to make a station. Your goal is to make it look like a fantastic place to do your laundry.

3. Pack it Up & Hang it Up. This is the time you want to dispose of all those old cleaning supplies, old paint cans and bottles of chemicals you no longer use and have been sitting on a shelf in your garage for years now.??Pack up everything else you don’t need and get rid of anything you don’t use. You don’t want to bring it with you to your next house anyway! After everything is thrown away or packed up, try to find a way to hang up what’s left. Use shelving and bins, peg boards and hooks to refrain from making piles around the garage which only take up space. If there are a few boxes that are left that need to be stored, it’s okay to stack them in a corner. Just keep it to a minimum. If there’s really a lot, you should consider looking into renting a storage unit on a monthly basis.

4. Install a Garage Storage System. When you’ve hung and shelved and still have items left – make sure that whatever is still left in there is useful for staging purposes. Items should be in order and in good condition. Installing a garage storage system will help it look organized, clean and provide ample storage space. If your ceiling allows it, you may also want to consider adding an overhead garage storage system – this makes the garage look very spacious!

5. Clean or Totally Refinish. Now that every thing is off the floor and organized, it’s time to get to the actual cleaning. First things first, sweep! You’ll want to sweep the floors AND the ceiling, making sure to get all the spiderwebs and cobwebs down. Another big item is removing the oil stains from the floor. This is easily accomplished following these steps:

  • Get old towels and wipe up as much oil and other liquid as you can
  • If there are any troublesome spots, pour paint thinner on them until the oil is completely saturated
  • Sprinkle cat litter or any absorbent material over the area to soak up the paint thinner and let that sit overnight
  • The next day, use a shovel and a hard bristle broom to sweep up the cat litter
  • Get specialized cleaner specific to cement floors. Once applied to the oil spot, let it soak overnight
  • The next day, clean the area with a scrubber and hot water
  • Paint the floor after you’ve cleaned and degreased it
  • If the floor is stained badly, you might consider epoxy

Remember, YOUR garage DOES matter when you are selling your house. Being sure to stage your garage properly will only help you maximize the investment you have made in your home.

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