The Art of Home Staging

Engage Potential Buyers with Real Estate Staging

Real estate staging creates an emotional connection between the home and the potential buyer, allowing them to visualize how their new life could look in your house. Whether we are adding, removing or reorganizing the furniture already in your home, staging can be a major factor in the selling process. The art of staging helps to not only raise the value of your home staged homes often sell for 10-15 percent more than empty homes or those not properly staged but, can also reduce the time your home is on the market by one-third to one-half.

There are many ways a home can be staged. If you have already vacated the property, rental furniture can be brought in to give your home a more personal touch. If you are currently living in the property, rental pieces may be brought in to help accent what is already there.

Cleaning and de-cluttering the property is also an important aspect of real estate staging. You want the potential buyers to see the space as lived in and homey, but not too cluttered, so furniture, accessories and other room elements must be placed perfectly to maximize the space and flow of each room.

Real estate home staging is truly an art, and we offer many years of experience in knowing how each design decision will impact your bottom line, the length of time your home is on the market and the overall selling experience.

Real Estate Staging gets your home ready to sell!

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